Storage Space


Our home doesn’t have a coat closet. We had used some coat racks and shelves in the kitchen that were hung without any real though. We took it down and replaced it with premade crates that I had painted with the kids. The kids had fun helping, and I didn’t mind a rough finish on the paint job. We added some coat hooks.

Later everything was moved from the kitchen to the hall. Every person has their own crate, with one extra. I think it looks great and more importantly, it is doing a much better job at organizing all our junk.

Shopping List:

  • Crates (six): $55, various stores
  • Hooks: $10
  • Reclaimed wood: Free, on-site
  • Box: Free, on-site

Total: $65


The garage is a catch-all storage room. Our garage is not a traditional garage. It’s a squat cinder block building that floods. I wouldn’t want to attempt to put a car in there. So it’s our workshop and storage area. The back half holds all our garden supplies It fills up with dirt and junk but is also the starting place for many adventures.


For storage, we have a variety of areas throughout the house. I don’t overthink storage too much. My main focus is just not to have too much stuff.

Shopping List:

  • Wood shelves: Free, from family
  • Cupboards: $100 from neighbor
  • Tables: $20, reclaimed
  • Pegboard: Free from store closure

Total: $120

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