Moving In

We were more than doubling our square footage, so it was time to shop for furniture. The first piece of furniture I bought that cost over a hundred dollars was a sofa we stuffed into our apartment a few weeks before we moved.

We moved three blocks, and Joe and I did almost all of the moving with a pick-up truck and a day off of work. We worked our tails off for a few days to clean a house, apartment, move, and unpack.

We separated the living room into two areas, a front formal space, and computer area. We had the table in the dining room, added a stainless steel cart to the kitchen. The bedroom situation started out with our master in the basement family room. The boys were in the adjoining bedroom.


I’m not one to leave full boxes or unhung pictures. I had the added motivation of Thanksgiving at my house. Most of my family would come: grandparents, parents, and almost all my siblings. We scooted tables together to make one big  dining table where all twenty of us could sit for a formal dinner. We filled the oven up with turkey, the fridges up with sides and the home with people.


Our house wasn’t perfect. My first priority after moving in, was making everything safe and in good repair. We finished off thresholds and weatherstripping, installed a toilet, scraped off paint and adjusted the HVAC.

The next year we tried to figure out how to make the floor plan work for our family. We live in an old house, so it is no surprise that the floor plan is a bit hard to work with. I like to rearrange furniture. I remember as a young girl pushing and pulling our beds and dressers as my sister and I constantly changed the arrangement of our bedroom. The trend continued, in our home.


Some places stayed about the same from when we moved in. The toy room has always been in the room off the main living area. It’s close enough that my kids are close, and it has a door so I can shut the mess inside. Our kitchen has had a calm life, with just minor adjustments like changing our fridges and adding stools.

The living area has gone through many changes. The original setup worked well. We upgraded a couch, bought rugs to fit the space and had no issues with it. But I like to switch it up . We swapped the dining area and computer area for awhile. We added a new piano. We moved the computer room into the dining room, and the dining room table moved to where the computer area was.

Then we bought a huge piano. Eventually, the main living area is now just one large space. The dining room is back to being a dining room. It’s been nice for larger gatherings and day to day living. I found that with separating the living area into different spaces, I just always ended up with one space that was never used.

The bedrooms were almost a deal breaker before purchasing the house. The situation did not improve. When we first moved in, we used the downstairs family room as a master bedroom, with the kids in bedroom one. Bedroom three is very small and was unfinished, so it became our closet. The attic room was our school room, where I set up all our homeschool activities and other toys. It worked, but the family room just didn’t make a very good bedroom. I started to get tired of having my bedroom on tile, in this huge room, and felt like there was a lot of wasted space.

The downstairs family room was converted back to a living space. The downstairs living room made quite a nice school room. We even started a co-op preschool group in it with several of our friends and neighbors. It was large, it had several sinks nearby, and both tile and carpet.


We moved the master bedroom upstairs to the attic room. It is a quirky, old space with gabled windows, bench seats, and huge closets.  It was lovely. And it had several fatal flaws. Attics get hot in the summer. The nearest bathroom was down a flight of steep stairs (and I became pregnant). Oh, and the kids were two flights of stairs away. Although they generally slept through the night, we still used a baby monitor and occasionally had to go down two flights to comfort a child. We abandoned the dreamy attic bedroom.

Next the master bedroom was in bedroom one. We moved the boys to bedroom two, and tried finishing up bedroom number three for a nursery when the new baby comes. Baby mostly ended up in our room, and the makeshift nursery was rarely used.


We ended up moving a lot of furniture. I’m glad my husband has put up with all my requests to occasionally move a large bed up or down two flights of stairs. The bedroom situation never quite worked out, so we started to think about remodeling.

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