Laundry Room


Usually, the decorative state of a laundry room doesn’t matter that much, but ours is also the hallway to get into the downstairs. I walked through there all the time. Out of all the room in our house, it was the one that bugged me the most. I didn’t like a single thing about it. Boring, ill-painted (and damaged) walls, and awful stick on tiles that reminded me of a cross between an old lady’s home and a trashy bathroom.before

We tore up the tiles to refinish the concrete underneath. It took weeks of tedious work. We had to scrape it up bit by bit and then use nasty chemicals to remove the adhesive.


Once the tiles were gone and the floor changed to black concrete, it got a little better. Then the stairs were torn apart, and the closets reworked, and it was much better.


One of the big changes we made was insulating a bare concrete wall. The room was instantly warmer and it also gained a wall of beadboard. We also upgraded an old stained utility sink to a wall mounted version. We bought the washer and dryer second hand. They aren’t by any means new or fresh, but they aren’t going anywhere until they don’t function anymore.

I found the cupboard in the laundry room in a storage closet. I’m not sure where it came from, but I wanted to upgrade it and used it for storage there. I had seen eggs (yes eggs) decorated with torn maps, and I had a bunch of vintage maps I had taken from my grandparents. With a bit of labor and modge-podge, I covered the old cupboard in maps. It’s not perfect: I could have spent more time getting out wrinkles.


Shopping List:

  • Maps: Free, from family
  • Clipboard: Free, from family
  • Curtain: Free, homemade
  • Cupboard: Free, on-site
  • Drying rack: $10, Ikea
  • Drying Hooks: $5, Ikea
  • Washer and Dryer: $375, used
  • Utility Sink: $55, home depot
  • Faucet for Sink:$20, Amazon
  • Sink Aerator: $10, Amazon
  • Carpet: $200, Flor
  • Laundry Baskets: $20, Walmart

Total: $695

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