It’s called the heart of the home. Our kitchen is tucked neatly in the corner, and I like it that way. If the kitchen is the heart of the home, our heart is a nice retreat, separate from the rest of the space. I love the ability not to see dirty dishes as I eat my dinner or have friends over.

The kitchen has plans for remodeling at some point. I mostly like my kitchen; it just has a bunch of little things I want to fix that add up to a major remodel. We’ve made it work for us in the meanwhile, worn out countertops and all.

When we moved in, there were two fridges in the kitchen. It was rather excessive. In reality, we needed extra freezer space, not fridge space. When a chest freezer was given to us, we went ahead a sold the extra fridge. Later, we went to the appliance store for some extra cardboard and ended up buying a new fridge and microwave. The fridge was my favorite fridge I’ve seen, and it was marked down 50%.


We have also been fans of painting appliances with chalkboard paint. I’ve painted a fridge and chest freezer and found it quite easy and enjoyable. It’s a fun way to update cheap white appliances without spending much money. Just sand it down a bit, clean it up and paint a couple of coats.

The spice racks were a fun find in a shed full of garbage out back. I painted them and found spice containers to fit. I also painted the rear wall behind the built-in shelf the same color, to add more interest to the kitchen.


We had a bunch of leftover paint from painting stairs, a very boring stool, so we had fun painting it. A few tips: plastic utensils worked well for the splatter paint. We also laid the stool on its side after we applied paint to get some nice movement.


Shopping List:

Total: $1190

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