After living here for a few years, I started itching to do something more with our home. Working with the floorplan, I finally hatched upon a better use of space. One of the main problems we had, besides the bedrooms, was a small, tiny bathroom. So tiny it did not come with a real door, but with a bifold closet door. It kept pinching the kids and was removed. We used a curtain for awhile, but the bathroom needed a door. We needed better bedrooms.

I had to go through a lot of different ideas in my head. We kept rearranging and trying new things out, but eventually we just planned on remodeling. The remodel did not start out in an orderly thought out manner.  Joe started to rip apart an inefficient dryer vent line, and the wall by the stairs. He didn’t consult me much before starting, and I was very surprised one day to see an entire wall gone! We went ahead and re-constructed the stairs. The ceiling on the stairs was not designed for tall people, and we are both over six feet.

Joe and a friend reconfigured the stairs one very long day. No more hit heads!



With the stairs moved a bit, the rest of the remodel came together. For the remodel, the dead end hallway would be converted into more bathroom space and a storage area. We would create a new hall with two new walls dividing the larger living area into two bedrooms. Several other doors were moved.


My husband started to build walls, install new electrical lines, rip holes in existing walls. We put up doors, ripped up carpet, fixed concrete holes. Oh, and during this whole time, we lived in it. We kind of moved in as we went. My master bedroom at one time had a wall made of nothing but framed 2 x 4’s.


One challenge was adding two doorways into existing walls. This solved so much of the tiny bathroom problem. We ended up with a very tiny, outward swinging door, so it’s still a little funky, but it functions.


While we were doing the electrical, we knew we needed to get the electrical upgraded. There were holes all over, new lines to connect. When we moved in we had a mess of fuse boxes and wiring issues. We luckily found a local electrician at the recommendation of the power company guy, and she did great work. It was the most expensive thing we did in our home but by far the best!

Electrical was in, doorways set, framing up, next was drywall, and we had the rudiments of a newly remodeled home. At this point, I decided I wanted to finish each room individually. We would move out of a room, finish it off, and then move on to the next one. Started with the master, then the bathroom, hallway, stairs, laundry room, and boys bedrooms.

We did almost all of the work ourselves. After over a year of work, the inside finally was to the point where I’m happy with it. I wasn’t sure if I would like house projects, but I’ve grown from hating even the thought of painting a room, to finding the whole process rather addicting. Everything takes longer than I expect, but it also goes quick as long as we keep working at it.

Total Cost of Remodeling:

  • Electrical $1400
  • Labor $350
  • All Other Costs: $3600
    • Includes electrical upgrades, framing, drywall, doors, refinished concrete, molding, paint, and various other expenses.
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