Dining Room


The dining room was an awful beige when we moved in. It might have been okay on its own, but it clashed with everything else in the home. We didn’t paint anything until about a year after we moved in, and I recommend this. After we were adjusted in our home, it was easier to pick a color that worked well. I picked a slightly teal navy. The dark color helps make a long open room feel more intimate.



The table in the dining room was a table I sat on when I was a toddler and used most of my childhood. When we were married and needed furniture, it was taking up space in my parent’s basement, and we gladly took it. It was a yellowed, natural pine. I decided to paint it red. It sat like that for a few year, moved into my sister’s house for a while, and then we reclaimed it again.



When we moved,  we decided once again to refinish it. We painted it green with a yellow top. After a couple of years, the top began to chip, and we also felt that the table was too narrow. I had seen leftover acrylic at the Habit for Humanity Re-store and thought we might use that as a new table top. A trip to the store was disappointing, until the very end where I found a few sheets tucked away that were very close to the color I wanted. We scored them for $5 each and used epoxy to glue them onto the existing top after I sanded it down.




Shopping List:

  • Decals: $15, Amazon
  • Curtain rods: $20, Ikea
  • Leaf Curtains: $10, sewn from sheets
  • White Curtains, $15, Walmart
  • Tree: $15, online classified
  • Pot, $20, Home Depot
  • Picture hangers (2): $30, Ikea
  • Folding chairs: $5, thrift store
  • Table: Free, from family: refinished for $70

Total: $200

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