Bonus Rooms


The bonus room started in the downstairs family room as a school room where I did preschool with my two boys, along with a co-op group once a week. After the remodel, it was moved up to the attic. In the attic are toys, extra storage, and the X-box. It functions as a craft room, game room, but mostly as a place to go when you need to get away).

It’s always been a fun quirky room with the gabled windows and sloped roof.

Shopping List:

  • Futon: Free, from family
  • Futon slipcover:  $35, Amazon
  • Desk: $15, Ikea
  • Desk: Free, local school
  • Tables: $35, Walmart
  • Clipboards: $10, Walmart
  • Wall Decor: $5, Dollar Store
  • Floor Letters: $15, Ross
  • Basket: $15, Ross
  • Storage Shelving: $80, Ikea
  • More Shelves: Free, from family

Total: $210

Toy Room

The toy room has always been the toy room. It was right off the main living area, perfect for hiding toys away but still having the kids close.

At Christmas one year, we did get a bit excited and install a yoga swing off a rafter. I do yoga and other exercises with it, but more than anything it’s a fun place for the kids to play. Who wouldn’t want a swing inside?

Shopping List:

  • Bookshelves: $5, Ikea
  • Art: Free, art project
  • Mat: $15, Ross
  • Train table: Free, from family
  • Toy storage: $20, thrift store
  • Colored wire shelves: $20,  Amazon
  • White wire shelves: Free, from store closeout
  • Yoga Swing: $50, Amazon
  • Hanging Hardware: $30, local hardware store

Total: $140

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