Bedrooms 1 and 3


This first bedroom started out as the boys’ bedroom, was briefly the master bedroom, and changed back into one of the boy’s bedrooms. We moved a door, changed the closet around, took out the carpet.

The third bedroom was created with a couple of new walls. We refinished the concrete and painted the walls a nice neutral green.

I wanted to try something a little different. On the textured ceiling, I did a light coat of dark blue. The ceilings are only seven feet and painted them a dark color. It isn’t any sort of a wise design choice, but I like it anyway.

I grew up with the pine bunk beds and one of the dressers. My mom hung on to them, and I was glad to put them in my home. They still have graffiti on from when I was growing up and I’m hesitant to clean it off.

The second dresser was a lucky find at a thrift store. It was in great shape and matched the other furniture perfectly.

Shopping List:

  • Bunkbed/dresser: Free, from family
  • Dresser: $100 , thrift store
  • Chair: $80, Ikea
  • Crib: $100, Ikea
  • Two posters + frames: $40, homemade
  • Corkboard: $5, thrift store
  • Curtains: $50, Walmart
  • Letters (2): $10
  • Bedding: Free, on hand
  • Rug: $260, Flor
  • Rug: $20, Dollar Store
  • Matresses: $160, Ikea

Total: $825

Bedroom 2

This room is a bit of a catch-all for old furniture. It’s our oldest son’s room, and also works as a guest room.

Shopping List:

  • Rugs (2): $40, Ikea
  • Headboard: $30, homemade
  • Mattress: Free, on hand
  • Curtains: $15, Ikea
  • Nightstand: Free, from family
  • Bedding: $45, Ikea
  • Poster Art: $10, homemade
  • Frame: $15, Walmar165t
  • Bulletin board: $5, thrift store
  • Letter: $5, craft store

Total: $165

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