Master Bathroom


The bathroom started out with a leaky toilet and a closet door. It was too small a room to even have a regular door and was a major problem that we fixed during the remodel. When we moved in, there was a bi-fold closet door on the bathroom. Not ideal, even less so when my kids kept smashing their fingers in it. I took it off and put up a curtain. That’s probably even less ideal, but at least the kids weren’t getting their fingers smashed.

We moved the door, refinished the floor and added a vanity area where I get ready. With the added floor space, it feels like a functional bathroom. It’s still a funky space, but also a functional one.

Besides moving the doorway, we also re-did the flooring. I think the easiest way to make flooring look cheap is to put in stick-on tiles poorly, which is what we had. So we tore them up to the concrete and we refinished the concrete.


We finished the concrete by using a black concrete stain, putting on gray decorative flakes, and a couple coats of wet-look concrete sealer. (All Behr products from Home Depot.) It was an inexpensive flooring option, and we always have the option to go back and put different flooring on if it doesn’t wear well. So far, so good, though.

Shopping List:

  • Shower curtain: $5, Ikea
  • Picture: Free, homemade
  • Towel hooks: $15 for two, Ikea
  • Glass Shelf: $15, pieced together from different stores
  • Rolling Cart: $30, Ikea
  • Curtain: $10 rod, $5 fabric
  • Mirrors: $30, IKEA
  • Rug: $10, Ross

Total: $120

Main Bathroom

It’s a bathroom. I put stuff in it. This is the kids’ bathroom, so my main task is cleaning around the toilet. I have three boys. I did try to add some color.

Shopping List:

  • Tie-dye towels: $15, tie dye kit, Amazon, $20 towels
  • Shower Curtain: $10, Amazon
  • Towel rack: $10
  • Towel hooks: $10 for two, Ikea
  • Squatty Potty: $30, Amazon
  • Faucet: $20
  • Mirror: $15, online classifieds
  • Mirror: $25, Ross
  • Rug: $5, Amazon
  • Bowl: $10, Ross
  • Toilet paper holder: $5, Ross
  • Bead decoration: $5, Ross
  • Plant: Free, on hand

Total: $180

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