Home Tour

Five years after all was written below, we sold our home. See this page for updates. 

Welcome to a glimpse into my home. After I wrote this article, I wanted to go a bit deeper into my home. This took some time to put together, and I must admit to losing some enthusiasm as I went through it. Within this project, I found a book that I plan to develop later. Unfortunately, the home tour itself became something less than I wanted. It’s quite long and detailed, and I honestly don’t know who would want to read all the details. But that discovery didn’t come until it was nearly done, so I went ahead and finished it. Click on the links below for a very detailed, in-depth look at my home.

If you prefer, this is the same thing but in a PDF version: Home Tour!

Home Development:

My Thoughts on Home
Motivation for home design. If you only read one thing, make it this one!
History of Our Home
Our home is over a hundred years old, and at one time it was even moved.
Ending up in Our Home
A brief summary of how we ended up deciding to buy this house.
Moving In
The first year in our home.
We remodeled the basement by ourselves to create more bedrooms.
A few thoughts on keeping a tidy and beautiful home.



Each room has an overview of what we did in the room and a list of items in the room with price and where I got it.

livingLiving Room

kitchen5-2 Kitchen

dining-room-2Dining Room

Bonus Rooms

bedroom-3 Master Bedroom


laundry-room-3Laundry Room


Stairs and Hall

garageStorage Spaces

Final Thoughts

My home isn’t perfect. It’s not a showcase. It’s where I live. I like my home. I think it’s beautiful, and it gives me many opportunities to be creative, even amidst the imperfections.

I am blessed. I have a wonderful home that I find large and spacious. I have the financial means to furnish and decorate in a way I enjoy. I have people around me who share their wealth: many of the things in my home were given to me. My home is filled with my family, my friends often visit and it is not a place where I am ever lonely.

So if you are here reading, I’m doing this to give you the courage to pursue your own path in your own way, by showing what I did in my own way. I don’t expect you to read everything, to be super impressed or to copy anything I did. I just want us all to feel a little happier where we are at, no matter where that may be.

My home is a work a progress, like most of the projects I pursue. It’s taken a long time and a lot of work to get to where it’s at. I’ve learned patience. And I just keep trying my best.

Also, as part of this project, I decided it would be interesting to figure out how much it cost to furnish my home. The total cost was $7315. This includes all furniture, appliances that aren’t built in, rugs, window treatments, and decor. A breakdown is listed in each room. I generally purchased things as I went and included things I bought before we move in our home, so the cost is spread out over about five or more years.